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River Run
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Rockford, Minnesota

Discover country living at its finest in the West Metro’s quaint community of Rockford, Minnesota. Our River Run development features upscale lots overlooking the Crow River, directly across from beautiful Lake Rebecca Park Reserve’s gently rolling landscape and wetland areas.

Enjoy deeded private access to abundant river and recreational amenities for the whole family, including a river view pavilion, recreational commons, pond, ice-skating, walking trails and picnic areas to delight in.

River Run’s gracious 1/3 to 2/3 acre lots provide the perfect location for your new home within the Rockford School District. Prices begin at $63,000 and include city water and sewer.

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Site Map

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Lot BlockLot StatusAddressDimensionSizeDescriptionTypePrice
∘ Prices subject to change without notice
∘ Dimensions and sizes are approximates only
∘ Width dimensions are at builder setback
∘ Some modification may be required — lowest floor elevation can not go below lowest pad elevation
Lot 1, Block 1Available4952 River Oaks Drive99x12913,767 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$74,000.00
Lot 2, Block 1Available4950 River Oaks Drive80x14812,140 sq.ft.StandardRambler LO / WO$70,000.00
Lot 3, Block 1Available4948 River Oaks Drive82x12110,884 sq.ft.StandardRambler Lookout$63,000.00
Lot 4, Block 1Available4946 River Oaks Drive89x12110,920 sq.ft.StandardRambler Lookout$63,000.00
Lot 5, Block 1Available4944 River Oaks Drive85x12810,978 sq.ft.StandardRambler LO / WO$66,000.00
Lot 6, Block 1Available4942 River Oaks Drive85x13011,046 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$66,000.00
Lot 7, Block 1Available4940 River Oaks Drive85x13014,992 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$66,000.00
Lot 1, Block 2Available4836 Maple Street124x12712,196 sq.ft.StandardRambler Lookout$74,000.00
Lot 2, Block 2Available4838 Maple Street84x12711,821 sq.ft.StandardRambler Lookout$72,000.00
Lot 3, Block 2Available4840 Maple Street108x14513,456 sq.ft.StandardRambler Lookout$72,000.00
Lot 5, Block 2Available4848 Maple Street109x12612,777 sq.ft.StandardRambler$70,000.00
Lot 6, Block 2Available4941 River Oaks Drive107x17717,118 sq.ft.StandardRambler Lookout$63,000.00
Lot 7, Block 2Available4943 River Oaks Drive85x15214,327 sq.ft.StandardRambler Lookout$63,000.00
Lot 8, Block 2Available4945 River Oaks Drive147x8317,403 sq.ft.StandardRambler Lookout$63,000.00
Lot 1, Block 3Available4831 Maple Street118x12516,627 sq.ft.Marsh / WetlandRambler LO / WO$80,000.00
Lot 2, Block 3Available4833 Maple Street89x13018,519 sq.ft.Marsh / WetlandRambler Walkout$90,000.00
Lot 3, Block 3Available4835 Maple Street90x19019,807 sq.ft.Marsh / WetlandRambler Walkout$109,000.00
Lot 4, Block 3Available4837 Maple Street90x19017,390 sq.ft.Marsh / WetlandRambler Walkout$109,000.00
Lot 5, Block 3Available4839 Maple Street90x19117,418 sq.ft.Marsh / WetlandRambler Walkout$109,000.00
Lot 6, Block 3Available4841 Maple Street100x18016,497 sq.ft.Marsh / WetlandRambler Walkout$106,000.00
Lot 1, Block 4Available4843 Maple Street104x18018,705 sq.ft.Marsh / WetlandRambler Walkout$108,000.00
Lot 2, Block 4Available3000 Lookout Point109x22319,379 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$111,000.00
Lot 4, Block 4Available3003 Lookout Point116x19121,794 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$111,000.00
Lot 5, Block 4Available3001 Lookout Point90x24523,367 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$111,000.00
Lot 6, Block 4Available4845 Maple Street96x20519,599 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$110,000.00
Lot 7, Block 4Available4847 Maple Street90x19818,099 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$110,000.00
Lot 8, Block 4Available4849 Maple Street90x19819,035 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$106,000.00
Lot 9, Block 4Available4851 Maple Street90x19918,302 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$106,000.00
Lot 10, Block 4Available4853 Maple Street90x20719,044 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$106,000.00
Lot 11, Block 4Available4855 Maple Street97x21319,319 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$104,000.00
Lot 12, Block 4Available4857 Maple Street90x21219,031 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$104,000.00
Lot 13, Block 4Available4859 Maple Street90x21019,015 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$108,000.00
Lot 14, Block 4Available4861 Maple Street220x21027,677 sq.ft.River / PondRambler Walkout$87,000.00