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Sawmill Woods
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Jordan, Minnesota

Sawmill Woods is the ideal location for your new home, located in the South Metro’s historic city of Jordan, Minnesota. A charming community of vista and wooded lots await, with some overlooking peaceful Sand Creek providing a private, picturesque setting with open green spaces, rolling hills and mature trees.

Just minutes from the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Center and within the Jordan School District, you can take advantage of ideal hiking and biking trails, snowmobiling and year-round wildlife and bird watching.

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Site Map

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AdditionLot BlockLot StatusAddressDimensionSizeDescriptionTypePrice
∘ Prices subject to change without notice
∘ Dimensions and sizes are approximates only
∘ Width dimensions are at builder setback
∘ Some modification may be required — lowest floor elevation can not go below lowest pad elevation
FirstLot 2, Block 1Available757 O’Day Drive86x17712,592 sq.ft.CreekRambler Walkout$65,000.00
FirstLot 5, Block 2Available768 O’Day Drive100x11115,096 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$65,000.00
FirstLot 4, Block 3Available791 Green Ash Court85x14112,061 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$65,000.00
FirstLot 6, Block 3Available779 Green Ash Court125x12713,970 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$65,000.00
FirstLot 7, Block 3Available773 Green Ash Court105x8212,203 sq.ft.StandardRambler$65,000.00
SecondLot 4, Block 1Available797 O’Day Drive85x13011,496 sq.ft.Back to CreekRambler Walkout$92,000.00
SecondLot 1, Block 2Available784 O’Day Drive98x13512,523 sq.ft.StandardRambler Lookout$65,000.00
SecondLot 2, Block 2Available788 O’Day Drive95x14012,701 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$75,000.00
SecondLot 3, Block 2Available792 O’Day Drive94x14012,877 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$75,000.00
SecondLot 6, Block 2Available826 O’Day Drive85x14912,708 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$91,000.00
SecondLot 7, Block 2Available852 O’Day Drive85x15014,453 sq.ft.StandardRambler Walkout$91,000.00
SecondLot 8, Block 2Available878 O’Day Drive95x19016,497 sq.ft.Trees & RavineRambler Walkout$96,000.00
SecondLot 10, Block 2Available916 O’Day Drive95x21622,011 sq.ft.Trees & RavineRambler Walkout$96,000.00
SecondLot 12, Block 2Available932 O’Day Drive100x23030,799 sq.ft.Trees & RavineRambler Walkout$98,000.00
SecondLot 13, Block 2Available575 Red Oak Court120x12522,250 sq.ft.Cul-De-SacRambler Walkout$98,000.00
SecondLot 15, Block 2Available525 Red Oak Court95x14127,341 sq.ft.Cul-De-Sac / Trees & Rambler Walkout$98,000.00
SecondLot 16, Block 2Available530 Red Oak Court95x20027,217 sq.ft.Cul-De-Sac / Trees & Rambler Lookout$96,000.00